Case studies

Establishing thought leadership for a B2B tech startup

Quorso is a SaaS company based in London. I created the blog and contributed regular content in order to establish Quorso as a trusted resource in performance management and boost our SEO.

Breathing new life into an old brand with a pop-up concept

Michaels is the largest retailer of arts and crafts in the US and Canada. My co-creator, Leigh Campbell, and I pitched a pop-up concept and accompanying digital campaign to help Michaels engage new audiences.

Explaining complicated tech in the simplest way possible

Quorso is complex, ambiguous technology with many features, benefits, and use cases for various industries. I wrote and directed an easy-to-understand video – animated by Blacksalmon Studio – for digital campaigns and sales enablement.

Telling a story with promo emails

Michaels Custom Framing – now called Aaron Brothers – is a store-within-a-store that specializes in creating completely custom frames and artwork for the more affluent Michaels customer.

See more samples soon


Blog posts that run the gamut from thought-leadership to announcing company news.


Promotional email marketing to help Michaels boost online and in-store sales.


Website copy for B2B tech, high-end retail, personal brands, and more.


Covering both B2B and B2C brands, my social campaigns have reached audiences in the millions.


Script writing, storyboarding, and creative direction – I’ve done it all.


Direct mail campaigns, lookbooks, and more.

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